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SkieBorne Art
Ahh, so you found me. Well, not much to say, really. The images on these pages were done for fun, by request, commission, or because the image just wouldn't leave my head until I drew it out. If you really like one, and want a print or the original just let me know! I do commissions and/or art trades (occassionally), and I promise I don't bite, so just ask :) You can leave comments on the works at all my galleries too! I always welcome constructive criticism.

I'm a 35 year old Veterinarian... hence all the animals. I live in Wisconsin with my husband, two Red-bellied Parrots (Ayo and Reggie) and two German Shepherds (Marrok and Vargr). My favorite animals to draw are wolves and birds. Cliche, but true. I can picture them best in my mind and rotate the mental image to come up with the different poses. I was inspired early on with the artwork of Goldenwolf and Dark Natasha. The mix of animal and human characteristics fascinates me. I am never sure if I am drawing humans with animal characteristics or vice-versa.
All artwork Copyright Emily E. Weichbrod
Do Not reproduce Without Permission

Most of my work is done in pencil, colored pencil, and/or watercolor. Prefered media is watercolor and colored pencil mixed. I do my artwork in a realistic style and enjoy challenges.

If you really really want one of these images as a print, or want a commission, let me know. I also have Merchandise available with my works on Tshirts and more!

"Arikla" is actually a name I made up awhile back. It sounded nice, and so is the name I use.

If you want to keep up-to-date on my art, you can check out my Fa